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This year we will be featuring some of the greatest companies to show how they exchanged gifts during thier Christmas gift exchange! If you'd like us to have you featured on Sassy Santa's blog, get in tuch today!

Did You Know?

Fact: 95% of employees reported that having a GAG gift exchange such as White Elephant during Christmas party made the made the party more lively and fun!

Fact: The most popular amount spent on Christmas gift exchange is about $20. It's no surprise then that usually you will see max. spending limit set in rules to be $20.

Fact: Christmas gift exchange has several different names: White Elephant, Dirty Santa, Secret Santa, Yankee Swap. Name varies by region. About 65% of people have never heard of the variations other than the one they are fammiliar with.

Fact: When it comes to Christmas gift exchange, presentation can be more important than the gift itself. You could wrap a whistle in the shape of a guitar, add weight and watch people fight over it.