Cheap White Elephant Gifts 2024

Christmas is getting closer and you’re in a panic because you have almost next to nil in cash and you’ve vowed to yourself that you won’t run up your credit card on gifts this year. You did just finish paying off last years Christmas, only a matter of months ago.

Perhaps you’ve decided that in order to not end up with a big heaping pile of debt this year you won’t buy Christmas gifts at all. Buying no gifts at all this year really hasn’t gone over well with your family, friends and work colleagues, so what’s one to do?

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Affordable Gift Ideas

Get on with the exchange!

The simple solution to your problem is, to partake or organize yourself, a white elephant gift exchange. This way you can get away with some great cheap white elephant gifts and not break the bank. You can have some fun exchanging gifts with a white elephant gift exchange and avoid people calling you a grinch when you tell them you aren’t buying Christmas gifts this year. You can have way more fun searching and picking out cheap white elephant gifts, rather then the overpriced Christmas gifts that you’re used to buying.

A major advantage of a white elephant gift exchange is that everyone can participate because there is a cap placed on the amount that people are to spend, normally ten to twenty dollars. It’s not only the price cap that allows everyone to take part, it’s also the fact that you only need to purchase a gift for one person and not everyone you’re acquainted with. It’s pretty unlikely that you’d do one white elephant exchange with everyone you know, so break them up into a few exchanges with say your family, friends and work colleagues. Doing something like this will make it so you only have to concern yourself with getting three gifts.

Cheap is best, they don’t have to like it

You may search through cheap white elephant gifts and worry that the person won’t like the gift, don’t worry because that isn’t the point of a white elephant gift exchange. The main premise behind a white elephant gift exchange is to get a novelty gift that is ridiculous and funny, you’re not looking for the newest and coolest gadget. Don’t worry yourself with trying to find a gift for your white elephant gift exchange at the max budget given, you can stick with cheap white elephant gifts and surely get something perfect.

The whole idea of a white elephant gift exchange might be something completely new and foreign to you. If this is the case, browse through Sassy Santa for the perfect cheap white elephant gifts. You’ll surely find the perfect gift and you’ll definitely have fun looking through all the funny gifts for a white elephant gift exchange.

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