DIY White Elephant Gifts 2024

Are you handy, creative and thoughtful? Do you have time for elaborate White Elephant Gift Ideas in 2024? Want to make something special, something you can’t buy and also save money? Well, DIY white elephant gift ideas are a perfect thing for you in that case.

Not only does it give you flexibility to plan and design your own gifts, but also allows you to exploit intimate knowledge of your friends and coworkers life to make them a perfect DIY present.

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Some Gift Ideas Here

Examples of DIY White Elephant Gifts?

Coming up with a DIY gift idea for your White Elephant gift exchange party is not hard at all, all you need to know, is what the majority of the participates will definitely NOT like to receive as a gift. So here are some ideas: Is the party with family members at home? How about a framed picture of your annoying relative that everyone dislikes? With just a photo print and a few dollars for a cheap frame, you have an awesome DIY gift.

Same applies to the office party. Is there a coworker that everyone dislikes? Perhaps the boss is the most annoying one, or that chatterbox that never shuts up and is pissing everyone off? Surely, their framed picture will be something everyone would want to avoid.

Naughty DIY ideas

Are you a fan of awkward silence? Is your family ultra conservative? How about a box of flavored condoms to give grandma a well overdue heart attack? How about a cheap sex toy that you put a sticker on that says: “Gently Used”? Imagination is your friend when it comes to coming up with great DIY white elephant gifts that are just spot on for the occasion.

And if you are strapped for time and DIY is not really your thing, why not look at the selection of gifts here at Sassy Santa? They have been carefully hand picked for maximum fun and embarrassment.

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