Fun White Elephant Gifts 2024

So Christmas is nearing close again and your regular gift exchange with your friends, family and co-workers is a white elephant gift exchange. For those of you that are unfamiliar with a white elephant gift exchange, let me explain. The most important part of a white elephant gift exchange is that you stay clear of the typical kinds of Christmas gifts and go for the gifts that are on the wackier side.

Not to worry because there are tons of fun white elephant gifts. Basically, you have a group of people and everyone draws a persons name and then purchases a gift for that one specific individual. Another variation of a white elephant exchange is when you don’t draw a name and still just buy one gift and people will just chose a gift at random, on the day of the exchange.

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Few Gift Ideas

It has to be Fun!

It really doesn’t matter which variation of a white elephant gift exchange you participate in or organize because both variations have the potential to have really fun white elephant gifts exchanged. If you’ve never participated or heard of a white elephant gift exchange you’re probably wondering exactly what kinds of things would be classified as fun white elephant gifts.

The main point to remember, that I mentioned earlier, is that you want to stay away from typical types of Christmas gifts. These typical gifts may include something like a pair of socks. Now, if you could find a pair of socks that are funny and more of a novelty gift then they would fall into the category of a fun white elephant gift.

Say you’re partaking in a white elephant gift exchange at work, if you got a regular coffee mug to give as a gift then this would definitely not qualify as a fun white elephant gift. Rather, you would want to get a mug with some sort of funny saying or drawing on it. One mug that comes to mind is a mug that is shaped like a toilet. This toilet shaped coffee mug would, without a doubt, go under the category of fun white elephant gifts.

Fun ideas involve a group

People give clothes very often as Christmas gifts, they can also make really great gifts for white elephant gift exchanges, you just need to look at different types of clothing. For a regular Christmas gift you may give a cashmere sweater, that cost you an arm and a leg. For a white elephant gift exchange a hideous Christmas sweater would be more suitable.

Hopefully, you have some sort of idea what exactly makes fun white elephant gifts. If you need further gift suggestions check out Sassy Santa for tons of great gifts for your white elephant gift exchanges.

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