How To Organize And Plan White Elephant

Every year people across the globe celebrate Christmas and look forward to exchanging gifts with friends, family and coworkers. Having a gift exchange means that someone has to plan it.

If you have been entrusted in planning a white elephant Christmas party, it makes sense that you would want to know how to organize white elephant gift exchange properly, since it’s one of the most popular versions of the Christmas party gift exchange varieties.

This holiday favorite, when GAG, funny, unwanted or inappropriate gifts are given to the people we love or even people that annoy us takes place in December of every year, and 2024 is not going to be any different.

Organizing the White Elephant Gift Exchange at your work, social club or even home is quite straight forward, but you will want to know how to do White Elephant gift exchange the right way. Rules are simple and allow for fun alternatives.

In order to organize White Elephant Gift Exchange you will need to do following:

Planning A White Elephant Party

1. Read about the tradition and history of White Elephant Gift Exchange.

2. Understand the rules for playing White Elephant.

3. Set the date for the Party, usually coinciding with Christmas party.

4. Set your rules and announce rules and party date to the participants.

Make It Easy To Participate

Help participants of you party to familiarize themselves with rules by downloading and printing the rules for them or having them read the rules online.

You can download White Elephant Rules here

If you have an event page on your blog, website or event planning site, help your participants by linking to the rules and gift ideas for White Elephant Gift Exchange:

Link to Rules

Link to Gift Ideas

Have a great gift exchange in 2024 and remember, it’s all about fun!

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